Money Aggregate Vocabulary


Money Aggregate Vocabulary, or MoneyAggVoc for short, is an attempt to catalogue money aggregate measures listed in the Exhibit 3 Definitions of Money in Reading 19 on Economics of the CFA Program Curriculum 2016 Level I (ISBN 978-1-942471-19-6) with some minor additions.

Although the CFA Program Curriculum inspired the structure of the concepts in this vocabulary, the actual content was taken from open sources (DBpedia, Federal Reserve System, European Central Bank, Bank of Japan and Bank of England) and includes appropriate references.

Concept definitions are created in a simple CSV file and transformed into SKOS with JupyterNotebook. You can see full source in the moneyaggvoc GitHub Repository.

Jekyll site is rendered with jekyll-rdf.

Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS)

MoneyAggVoc SKOS ConceptScheme

MoneyAggVoc SKOS TTL File